Spammy is game where you must jump to live. Avoid the spikes and dash into enemies. 


Press space and aim your mouse cursor to jump in a direction.

Press W to go into dash mode and then hit the space bar as many times within one second to charge your dash and more in that direction.

Dash into all enemies to win and avoid spikes without dying.

Your health bar is up top (blue), and your charge bar displays how much charge you have next to it (orange).


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Actually a pretty cool game, last level was pretty hard.

Also, I think it gave me arthritis immediately.

I see you too have a slight audio delay, I thought it was just my game (I use Godot as well)

Thanks for playing! also sorry bout the arthritis... :[

I don't actually have arthritis, but this game is a good way to get it lol

Yeh i could tell it was a joke